Moving from iPhoto to Dropbox

Who is this for? Those looking to move their images out of iPhoto and into Dropbox.

For those who were tempted by Unbound, here are two ways to make the move from iPhoto to Dropbox:

Creating an OmniFocus HotSpot →

Who is this for? OmniFocus users looking to automate the process of sending files to their Inbox.

From Thanh Pham at Asian Efficiency:

Here’s a simple yet oh so effective way of getting tasks in your OmniFocus inbox for files you need to review. […]

It works with a combination of an AppleScript, Hazel and OmniFocus. It’s super simple.

I still prefer my Evernote-based approach for creating tasks from files, but this is a nice alternative approach for those looking to conveniently store a file while simultaneously creating a task.